Arturo Campos

Web Development


This is a summary of the software/hardware setup that I use on a daily basis.

Editor + Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code, I use the Stable release for Angular Development and the Insiders release for React/Vue development, why? because I like to have things separated.
  • Hyper is my terminal.
  • My theme of choice is Shades of Purple. For both VSCode and Hyper.
  • I use Cascadia Code font (with ligatures enabled, of course).

Desktop Apps

  • Chrome is my browser.
  • 1Password takes care of my passwords.
  • I use Notion for my ToDos and to keep track of my important notes or projects.
  • Toggl makes easier to track my freelance timesheets.
  • When I need to design something I use Illustrator or Photoshop. Sometimes Sketch.
  • I have several Google and G Suite accounts, so to centralize the use of them I use Kiwi for Gmail.